About Tranquilian


Tranquilian and his “studio dog” Max

Tranquilian is a synthesizer musician and composer from Aarhus, Denmark. He started playing at the age of 6, playing the accordion. In 1984 he was accepted at the Royal Acadamy of Music, to be educated as accordionist and conducter.

Even before the academy, Tranquilian found interest in synthesizers. He felt that synthesizers was exiting because of all the different opportunities they offered.
Of course back in the 1980´the synthesizers did not offer that much, compared to the instruments we have today. But that is the exiting part. The opportunities are still in progress. It makes it exiting composing for the synthesizer.

Tranquilian is inspired by Nature, and many sequences in his music are recordet in different outdoor locations. He travels a lot to find the exact right sounds, which are used as underlay tracks in his music.


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