The Healing Effect of Music

The use of music in the treatment of disease has been known for a number of classical cultures for millennia. In India, Greece and China, and perhaps most effectively and beautifully music used in Arab culture. In these cultures, music played on string instruments combined with the sound of water from fountains, was an essential part of the environment at hospitals and healing centers.

The sense of hearing is the only sense which is not at rest, when a person sleeps, and even during deep sleep the ears registers sounds.
Music has shown efficacy in the treatment of anxiety and depression. In recent years, interest in documentation and scientific study effects of music has increased. The focus has been on stress damping and pain relief in combination with traditional treatments. Music can therefore enhance the effects of classical treatments without expense or side effects.

It is surprising that many people use music in everyday life for stress relief and relaxation. It is very important that everyone need a break or periods of greater reflection, without too much sensory stimulation in the complex society we live in. Music is able to create this break in the same way as yoga and meditation. The effects on our musical brains correspond closely to the effect of meditation, even for peoble without musical talent.

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